English Second Language

English Second Language(ESL) offers classes two times each week to internationals who wish to learn conversational English. Thousands of internationals make their homes in Birmingham. We have students from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Yemen and many other places. If you meet them in a store or restaurant, invite them to an ESL class. Classes are offered on Wednesday morning and evening. Volunteers do not need to speak another language besides English. Contact: Karla Luttrell.

Prayer Ministry

Our Prayer Ministry includes Mission Advocacy Prayer Partners (MAPP) and Women on Mission, ministries in which you can participate that have an emphasis on missions and prayer.  You may also pray for people or places that God has laid on your heart.  These might include:

  • A person (a family member, neighbor, friend or coworker)
  • A specific missionary with whom our church works
  • Missionaries from our church (teams and individuals)
  • An unreached people group (an ethnic group that has no significant presence of the gospel)
  • A specific place or region (research the 10/40 Window at

The missions office can provide information regarding the prayer needs of missionaries. Information on people groups and places is available online at and

Shepherd’s Staff volunteers have a heart for meeting the needs of missionaries, especially those who live near us during their stateside assignments (furloughs). Contact: Susan Hines

Women on Mission is an ongoing missions ministry that encourages and supports the work of missions teams and missionaries, and prays for the lost peoples of the world. Women learn about missions, pray for missions, and go on missions.

The WMU Day group meets once a month on Thursday at 10:00am.
The WMU Evening group meets once a month for one hour on Sunday at 4:30pm. 
Childcare is available for the Sunday group. For more information, contact Karla Luttrell.

Missions for Preschoolers and Children 
Mini Mix Music & Missions
Two and three-year-olds learn about the basics of music and missions through fun hands-on experiences. Four-and five-year olds meet in Toadsville and experience missions through activities, focusing on the different parts of the world they are studying. Children learn about missionaries who have been sent from our church or who our church partners with to share the gospel with people around the world.
Mix It Up (Music & Missions)
6:00 - 7:30pm
Kid Music and Missions are going to “ Mix it Up” because worshipping God and  sharing our faith GO TOGETHER!  A high energy Worship Rally time will move into a combined  choir rehearsal for 1st-4th graders, emphasizing scripture memory songs, anthems and hymns, then breaking  into smaller activity groups with instruments, games and more!  Your child won’t want to miss this time of  worship and learning designed for even the most energetic kids! After that Kids move to missions where  they will learn  about missionaries and people groups around the world that Hunter Street supports through  praying, giving and going. Mix it Up will be full of fun hands on activities to make missions come alive for our kids!

Bessemer: Christ Our Hope

Bessemer: Christ Our Hope Baptist Church, a sister church of Hunter Street. Worship services are offered on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings and a thriving ESL ministry meets on Tuesday.

North American Mission Opportunities

  • Clarkston, Georgia 
    Serving quarterly alongside a missionary in Clarkston to reach refugees who are adapting to life in the United States.
  • Ledyard, Connecticut
    To support and serve Gallup Hill Baptist Church as we seek to engage the community with the hope of the gospel.  Activities include an Upward Basketball camp for children K-6, and participating in various community service projects, primarily light yard work in area homes, during the day.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska 
    We partner with Community Harvest Church by hosting a VBS in a local park.  Other activities include visits with the Yazidi people, hosting a boy’s event and  a picnic in the park which is an outreach tool to the Yazidi people. Also, our missions teams work with those who have a heart to see new churches planted in every county of the Cornhusker state.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana 
    A family oriented missions trip. Our team works with a New Orleans church to help reach the community with the gospel.
  • New York City
    Weekend missions teams bring the life-giving message of the Gospel. Our West Africans teams seek to reach West Africans living in the city.
  • Student Mission Teams
    Student choirs annually partner with local or North American churches to help reach communities with the gospel. Chi Alpha Choir, Higher Ground Choir and Route 56 Choir all participate in missions projects.

International Mission Opportunities

Our International Missions Partners are located throughout the world. These partnerships exist for the purpose of creating disciples among all nations. We offer prayer support, financial assistance and short-term mission team support to all of our partners.

  • London
    London, home to nearly 15 million people (greater metropolitan area) is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. In fact, someone from over 95% of the world's many ethnic groups lives here. Many in this city have never heard the gospel.
  • Paris
    Paris is home to over 12 million people, most of whom have never had the opportunity to hear the gospel. Of this number, about 2 million are from various places in North Africa and West Africa. These people need Jesus.
  • Uganda
    We partner with the African Children’s Mission (ACM) assist with projects at the mission and also to tutor, play and love on the children.

International Mission Board

Hunter Street is committed to supporting the work of the International Mission Board. Through our gifts to the Cooperative Program we support the work of 5,000 missionaries around the world. We have also developed strategic partnerships directly with IMB missionaries, churches, and pastors in some of the darkest unreached places in the world. The goal of these partnerships is to further the spread of the gospel and make disciples of all nations.

Learn more about the work of the IMB


2019 Mission Trips

January 18-27
February 9
March 8-16London
March 9-14
New York City/Brooklyn/Bronx
April 1-5New York City/Brooklyn/Bronx
April 26-May 4
May 31-June 12
July 19-29London

  • Anticipated trip dates are provided.  Dates and scope of mission are subject to change.
  • All participants must be Child Protection First Policy approved.
  • For more information, contact Frank Blackwell, Minister of Missions.

Requirements to Participate in Hunter Street Missions Team

  • A willing heart.
  • A completed Hunter Street Child Protection First Policy.
  • A valid passport (all destinations outside the United States).
  • Immunizations (where required).
  • Meet health requirements for a specific destination.
  • Willingness to attend orientation and training sessions.
  • Willingness to engage in ongoing prayer and enlist prayer partners to join you.

Contact Frank Blackwell Minister of Missions

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