Always Making Room For One More

Always Making Room For One More

Throughout the history of our church, the people of Hunter Street have been willing to make changes to reach people. The gospel does not change. God’s Word does not change. But we are willing to try new things for the sake of the gospel.

This August, we are making some changes to our Sunday schedule that we believe will allow us to grow and continue to ”make room for one more.”
Here’s an excerpt from a recent sermon where Buddy talks about the changes coming in August.

Here is a summary of the changes beginning August 13, 2017:

  • Create new Small Groups for all ages. One of the most effective ways to connect new people to our church is through Small Groups. Starting new groups provides a great opportunity to reach our community.
  • Move at least 8 Adult Small Groups out of the 9:30am hour. We believe this is the prime time to start new groups, so we are asking several groups to move. These are primarily groups whose members attend the 8:00 worship gathering.
  • Create a “Special Connections” department. This new department (and renovated space in the South Building) will allow us to better minister to the growing population of people and families of those with special needs.
  • Move the 8:00am worship gathering to the Chapel. We are moving to the Chapel — same songs, but without choir and orchestra. A smaller space will improve the energy and feel of that early service, and as our church grows, we can always move back to the Sanctuary when needed.
  • Start new Community Groups. These are Small Groups that meet outside of Sunday morning on a regular, ongoing basis.

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