We make growing in your faith a priority for all ages. One way we do this is through small groups.

Small Groups

Small Groups are the places to connect with others just like you. This is where you learn, laugh and do life together. This is where you’ll find your place to grow, belong, serve others and deepen your relationships with one another. It’s where the life of the church happens.

You can choose a Small Group based on your life stage, family situation or friends that you already know. Download a directory of Sunday morning small groups.

Senior Adults

Senior Adults are an active and vital part of our church. Seniors serve joyfully as greeters, kitchen volunteers, ushers, parking lot greeters, shuttle drivers, deacons, Small Group teachers, choir members, reading group participants, Bible study leaders and more. Contact Barry Daniel, Minister of Senior Adults.
8:00Virgil Cooper (64-74 Co-Ed)W205
8:00Bobby Boles (70-74 Married)E-203
9:30Alan Apel (40+ Co-Ed)W203
9:30Janet Hamm (65-74 Women)W204
9:30Marshall Killingsworth (75+ Co-Ed)W207
9:30Mickey Rockett (70+ Co-Ed)W206
9:30Patsy Evans (70+ Women)W202
9:30Ron Drain (70+ Co-Ed)W205
9:30Steve Heald/Keith Calhoun (65-74 Co-Ed)W201
11:00Joanna Foster (70+ Women)W201
11:00Richard Head (65+ Co-Ed)W205

Adults (40-70 Years Old)

Adults have much on their radar – pre-teens, teenagers, college students and aging parents. Many are empty nesters. This can be a time to get reacquainted with your spouse. The diversity of issues in this stage require a network of people to help keep you balanced and gain perspective.

8:00Gail Niven (Women 50-70)E-301
8:00Craig Niedermeier/Greg Mims (60-64 Married)E-102
8:00Martin Smith (42-46 Married)S-113
8:00Greg Phillips (55-59 Married)E-109/111
8:00Jerry Magers (65-69 Married)E-104
8:00Bob Mynatt (65-69 Co-Ed)W201
8:00Michael Luna/Michael Crawley (40-44 Married)S-117
8:00Chris Miller/Brad Lolley/Spencer Knight (40-44 Married)S-121
8:00Latta Johnston (40 - 44 Married)S-103
8:00Mary Earley (45 - 60 Single/Married)E-113
8:00Paul Huckeba/Mark Brinton (60-64 Married)E-105
8:00Thomas Van Ness (55-59 Married)E-106
8:00Steve Caver (55-59 Married)E-107
8:00Steve Young (60-64 Married)E-108/110
8:00Steven Mcmeekin (45-49 Married)S-115
8:00Lonnie Wainwright/Charles Trammel (50-54)E 208
9:30Bill Ferguson (45-49 Married)S-120
9:30Charlie Griffin (45-49 Married)S-119
9:30Brian Anderton/Tony Schultz (42-46 Married)E 109-111
9:30Brian Rosenow (55-59 Married)E-302
9:30Butch Palmer/Tim Prewitt (70-74 Married)E-203
9:30Cathy Wilhelm (45-60 Women)S-104
9:30Charlie Jordan/Byrom Fewell (50-54 Married)E-208
9:30Dave Lewis (45 - 49 Married)S-113
9:30David Long (45-49 Married)S-115
9:30David Mathews (65-69 Married)E-105
9:30Dennis Kissinger (70-74 Married)E-201
9:30Doug Meadows (50-54 Married)E-108/110
9:30Denise Chamblee (45-65 Women)CONF ROOM
9:30Grant Bruner (45-49 Married)E-113
9:30Ken Camp (65-69 Married)E-303
9:30Marc Surcouf (45-49 Married)S-121
9:30Mark Ray (45-49 Married)E-301
9:30Marvin Walker (60-64 Married)E-304
9:30Richardson/Baumgartner (55-59 Married)E-106
9:30Rick Farrar (55-59 Married)E-102
9:30Ron Shaddix (60-64 Married)E-204
9:30Jeff Carver (40-44 Married)S-116
9:30Sandra Greenlee (Sisters In Service) (60-74 Women)E-107
9:30Terry Bridges (70-74 Married)E-104
9:30Ty Evans (45-49 Married)S-111
9:30Susan Hines/Cheryl Gore (65-69 Married)AEROBICS
11:00Jay Peoples (40-44 Married)S-111
11:00Charles Quinn (60-64 Married)E108-110
11:00Jim Perry (40-44 Married)S-103
11:00Jack Lavallet/Joe Calvin (45-49 Married)S-120
11:00Marc NeasS102
11:00Rick Rodgers (45-54 Married)E-102
11:00Royce Collins (50-59 Married)E-109/111
11:00Stan Richardson (65-69 Married)AEROBICS
11:00Terry Short (55-59 Married)E-105
11:00Traffanstedt/Singleton (45-49 Married)S-105

Young Adults (20-40 Years Old)

Whether you are newly married, beginning your family or already have several children, you probably want to meet others in your stage of life. Our Young Married Adult Small Groups go deep into the truths of Scripture and learn how God can transform relationships and families.

8:00Brad Castleberry (Newly Married)S-101
8:00Ryan Austin (30-34 Married)S-107
8:00Chris Lazenby (35-39 Married)S-103
8:00Jacob Allison/Andy Brown (30-34 Married)S-106
8:00Steven Scarcliff (35-39 Married)S-112
8:00Chris Hummel/Nick Hart (38-42 Married)S-105
9:30Mike Walker (Newly Married)S-118
9:30Barry Rayburn (35-39 Married)S-107
9:30Stephen Payne/Brad Brown (28-32 Married)S-109
9:30Andrew Burrow/Mitchell Moore (28-32 Married)S-103
9:30Ben Ernest (30-34 Married)S-114
9:30John Schenk/John Travis (30-35 Married)S-101
9:30Dennis & Pat Lyons  (Multi Generational)S-106
9:30Jay Butler (33-37 Married)S 102
9:30Mark Clark (38-42 Married)S-105
9:30Melinda Lopez/Amy Knight (Ladies All Ages)E-202
9:30Nathan Crocker (35-39 Married)S-117
9:30Paul Batson/Joe Tosney (35-39 Married)S-110
9:30Rocky Clark (35-39 Married)S-108
9:30Will Phillips (33-37 Married)S-112
11:00Brittnie Wilbanks (Ladies 35-45)S-104
11:00Jim Perry (35-39 Married)S-115
11:00Tyler Harris/Reece McCollum/Austin Smith (25-30 Married)S 107
11:00Brian Pyron/Taylor Kendrick (30-34 Married)S-117


This is an active community of single adults growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Singles get to know other Christians in Small Groups and by participating in Bible study, discussions and sharing in life’s journey.  Singles Adults of all ages are welcome.

Contact Kerry Jones for more information.

9:30George Harrick  (Singles 50 - 59)E-305
9:30Jimmy Moates (Singles 37 - 50)E-306
11:00Brock Murphy (Single Again)E-307
11:00Ryan Gaines (College 18-22)Chapel

Young Professionals

Hunter Street Young Professionals is a community of young adults in their 20s and 30s seeking to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  Contact Shaphan Helms for more information.

11:00Earl Smith (Singles 23-29)E-308
9:30Mark Stewart (Singles 27-36)E-308


We are a community of college students who exist for the glory of God, committed to making the name of Jesus known in all the world, and seeking to become more like Him through the work of the Holy Spirit.
Contact Ryan Gaines or visit for more information.

11:00Ryan Gaines (College 18-22)Chapel


Our youth ministry, Hunter Street Students, is for middle and high school students.

  • The Middle School ministry, led by David Nalls is for grades 7 and 8.
  • The High School ministry, led by Bryan Howell is for grades 9 through 12.
  • Our Girls' Ministry is for all middle and high school girls.
    Contact Amy Byrd, Director of Girls’ Ministry.


We call our Children's Ministry Kid Quest – it's about leading kids on a quest to know Christ. It is divided into four areas: infants, preschoolers, kids and preteens.


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