Class Room Assignments

ClassRoomTime Materials
Atheists and Agnostics: Their Beliefs and How to Prove that God Exists
Chapel6:30-7:30Resource: The Ultimate Proof of Creation - Highly Recommended (not required)
The Early Church: What is it and why does it matter for us today?
E305/3076:30-7:30 Bring Bible, notebook & pen
6:30-7:30Cost: $5 for notebook in class
Feasts of the Bible
Bring Bible, notebook & pen
Cost: $10 for Participant Guide and Feasts of the Bible chart
God Owns It All: Finding Contentment and Confidence in Your Finances
E1056:30-7:30Cost:$13 for workbook (Available in class)
Grief Share
W2046:00-7:30Cost: $15 workbook (Available in class)
Optional:$12 for devotional (Available in class)
The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ
W2056:30-7:30  Bring Bible, notebook & pen
The Prayer That Turns Upside Down:  The Lord's Prayer Manifesto (Women's Study)E1026:30-7:30
Resource: $8 for The Prayer That Turns the World Upside Down by by Albert Mohler (Available in class)
Ready to LaunchE108/110
$12 for Study Book (Available in class)
Six Ways God Speaks to Us in the Old TestamentE201/203
Resource: 6 Ways The Old Testament Speaks Today by Alec Motyer (Optional)

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